Meet Our Advisors

Prof. Arvind Mishra

Advisor, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Prof. Mahesh Srinivasan

Advisor, U C Berkeley

Dr Ben Bernstein

Advisor, University of Toronto

Sukriti Gupta

Advisor,University of Chicago

Meet Our Mentors

Naina Jain

Career Counselor, DU

Mansi Gupta

Career Counselor, NCERT

Dr. Pooja Srivastava Dewan

Career Counselor, DU

Pooja Verma

Career Counselor,JNU

Jaishree Joshi

Mentor, Principal

Madhu Agarwal

Mentor, Michigan State University

Meet Our Team

Vartika Mishra

Co-founder & Program Manager

Ankit Narayan

Co-founder & Product Manager

Our Vision

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.


Our vision is to be the gold standard enabling every child discover who they are and excel in their chosen career, thereby shaping successful & happy career’s for them.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of all our endeavors lies the desire to sustain and develop a happy society. Today, the greatest change makers are those who are passionate about what they do and hence are able to do it well. We believe that happiness is the fundamental precondition of a successful world. Happy individuals are those who are in touch with their authentic selves and aware of their own unique attributes.

We aim to create a legacy of happier individuals who know their true self, excel at jobs they care about and do meaningful work that changes the world. We believe that all people can be the best version of themselves if given the chance, in terms of resources, opportunities and guidance. We want to connect to the children in the lowest income groups and give them much needed guidance to unlock their potential.

Our Values


Nurturing Trust

Team Work

Social Impact





Never let your limitations define your future.