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Scientific exploration of passion

Identification of passion to ensure focus and motivation levels of your child over time.

Ensuring overall well being

Inculcating 21st century life skills and resolving emotional-social issues to ensure child's long term happiness.

Maximizing Academic performance

Identification and resolution of distraction and test anxiety. Recommending Study Habits matched to preferred Learning Styles of your child.



Rs. 2,000/-

  • 6-dimensional psychometric assessments
  • 38-page detailed report with:
    • 3 best-fit careers/ streams and extra co-curricular recommendations
    • Knowledge of student's talents, strengths and limitations
    • In-depth analysis of student's cognitive, emotional and social intelligence, interests, personality and motivation
    • Actionable developmental techniques
    • Identification of learning styles and strategies
  • Career roadmaps with in-depth information
  • Personalised student dashboard with latest news and articles on chosen fields and interests


Rs. 7,500/-

  • All inclusions of BLUEPRINT
  • 3 personalised sessions with:
    • Focus on early identification of prodigies
    • Tailor-made developmental techniques to maximise the child's potential
    • Resolve common teenage issues through discussion with parents and child


Rs. 25,000/-

  • All inclusions of BLUEPRINT & TRANSFORM
    • 24 expert-guided personalised sessions
      • Experiential learning activities for developing 21st century life skills
      • Monthly goal setting and tracking
      • Hand-holding for one year
      • Ensuring high levels of motivation and focus

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