Human Resource Manager

Career as a Human Resource Manager

A human resources manager works towards developing and implementing policies and strategies, as well as directing, and coordinating activities that fall under human resources. This includes employment, labour relations, compensation, training, as well as employee services. They address demands and grievances, as well as manage the recruitment process.

How to become a Human Resources Manager?

Typically, in order to pursue a career in this field, one needs at minimum a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, business administration, or a similar field.

However, individuals with an MBA in human resource management are preferred. Furthermore, work experience too plays a significant role when it comes to companies hiring.

Knowledge and Tasks for a Human Resource Manager

  • Strong communication skills and decision making abilities.
  • Possession of analytical skills and critical thinking processes.
  • Good management and business skills.
  • Capable of investigating and resolving workplace issues.

Personality Traits of a Human Resource Manager

A human resources manager needs to be highly organised and have strong time management skills. They should be stress resilient as well as possess a high level of empathy. Individuals who are intuitive and high in emotional intelligence are preferred.

Salary of a Human Resources Manager

The average salary can vary anywhere from INR 2 lakhs to INR 11 lakhs per year in India, depending on the organisation and position.

Pros and Cons of Human Resource Manager as a Career


  • It is ideal for people who like interacting with others and gives them ample opportunity to meet diverse people.
  • There is plenty of job opportunities as well as a good salary.


  • There is a significant amount of workload that comes with this career.
  • It is a stressful job and often experience is necessary for handling the issues that come up in this job.

Top Colleges for Human Resource Manager


  • XLRI – Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi
  • Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, Pune
  • Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon
  • Indian Institute of Management IIM(s)


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Sloan School, USA
  • University of California at Berkeley, USA
  • University of Pennsylvania, USA

Famous Human Resource Managers

Nandita Gurjar

She is the head of HR as well as the Senior Vice President at Infosys.

Saurabh Govil

He is the Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Wipro.

Famous Companies for HR Manager

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