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What do you want to be when you grow up? My English teacher once asked me this question at the end of a class. I’m sure that you too have come across this question some time.

 Choosing a career has always been a difficult “job”, however one that everyone has to do sooner or later. You would agree that this becomes a lot easier if we know what all our parents and our friends’ parents do when they go to the office every day. 

To help you get more knowledge and make a good use of your time at home, we’ve come up with this Competition. Not only will you get to learn a lot of new stuff about what people do in different professions, you may also win a prize along the way and have loads of fun!  

Read the instructions below to get started. Hoping to hear from you soon.


1) 1st 3 students will get a cash prize of ₹ 1000 each.

2) 1st 10 students will get 50% on all our programs.

3) All valid entries will get a digital certificate from AIM2EXCEL

Word count:

800 – 1000 words


1) Find a person working  in one of the listed career paths.

2) Collect basic information about the person.

3) Conduct an interview over phone or online using the given template.

4) Write an essay on the basis of the interview.

5) Upload a PDF copy of the essay here

The essay will be judged on following 4 criteria:

1) Accuracy of content.

2) How well you have covered the “Day in the Life” template.

3) How easy it is for other students to understand it.

4) Creativity in presentation.

List of 7 career paths:

1) Fashion designer

2) Software and app developer

3) Journalist

4) Lawyer

5) Pilot

6) CA

7) Hotel Management

Information to be collected about the person:

1) Name

2) Gender

3) Age

4) City

5) Career Path

6) Company

7) Designation

8) Years of experience

Template of Day in the Life

1) How does your day start? What time you get up and what is the morning routine? What time you leave home for work?

2) How does the first half of your day look like? What all work you do? Who are the people involved in this work? What are the things/ tools/ equipment etc  you require for your work? 

3) What is your main role in the organisation?

4) What is your Core Task?  What are the other tasks you are required to do apart from this core task?

5) What time you have your tea/lunch? What do you do during this break- apart from having your food?

6) How does the second half of your day look like?

7) Are there any fun/ leisure activities also in your day? 

8) Are there any trips involved in your work?

9) What are your work timings and working hours in a week?

10) What are the skills required in your work?

11) What are the challenges involved in your work?

12) What do you do after coming back from office?

13) Do you pursue any leisure activity?

14) What time you go to sleep?

15) What do you do on the weekends?

16) Any other activity or task you are involved in?

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