How Career Counseling helps you to build a better future

We are often stuck with these sets of questions- ‘I don’t know what to do with my life’ ‘I am not sure which course to chose’ ‘I have no idea how to achieve my career goals’. A career counselor helps you to uncover these questions and find a route to a better career ladder, satisfaction, and stability. Career guidance and counseling lead to self-awareness about changing trends, introspection in comparison to a theoretical framework, promoting clarity among students and deepening their understanding of various career prospects.

It helps them to understand themselves and the work trends in order to make a wise decision in choosing a suitable career and education. Career counseling is the new beginning to gain exposure and growth as a profession.

List of questions that may be helpful for narrowing one’s focus when considering a career:

  • What qualifications I have- degree/diploma/professional coursework?
  • What options are you considering?
  • How do you typically go about making decisions?
  • What other factors are important to you as you are making this career decision?
  • Short-term and long-term plans?

Importance of Career Counseling

  • Determine the potential
  • Self-enhancement
  • Creating room to explore and discover various career opportunities/ ideal courses
  • Clear career roadmap
  • Exploring the world of work and workplace
  • Informed choice
  • Aids in improving the overall performance of an individual
  • Career selection and growth
  • Understanding the job market

Today, individuals feel the pressure not only to perform well academically but to maintain a work-life balance, extracurricular activities, internships and schedules in the hope to find a career path that will lead to a successful and happy future. In a career counseling session, the counselor helps an individual to explore their key strengths and weaknesses, area of interest, set of skills they possess and personality type to determine possible career options. They help individuals to deal with their everyday issues, stressful decision making and career discovery, job shadowing and major prospects. Career guidance counselors also recommend possible courses, internships, and volunteer opportunities in order to redefine and refine their career goals.

Career Counseling for students

  • Personal revelations
  1. a wide-ranging personal inventory for self-exploration
  2. habits and skills
  3. self-reflection
  • Identifying themes
  1. Striking trends in your personality
  2. Interest inventory
  • A complete picture
  1. Matching your interests and skills to a line of work
  2. Searching for the right opportunity
  3. Daily lifestyle (work environment, peers, colleagues)

It generally helps individuals to make the right choices in terms of their career path, career development, career change, and growth to maximize success and fulfillment. Career counseling provides you with the necessary tools to understand your passion, interest areas, dynamics of personality, aptitude through various psychometric tests and assessments to make you understand you’re ‘true-calling’.

Career guidance counselors help students to choose the right aim at Aim2Excel by assisting with the process of achieving their goals and to be the best version of their professional self. At Aim2Excel, individuals undergo several counseling sessions to form a bigger picture of their future prospects and in shaping their successful and happy career.

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