How psychometric tests and assessments are helpful in shaping your Child’s future

Do you have a clear picture of your future in your head? Or is it still a little blurry? Do you think you know each and every aspect of your personality, or what is the right pathway for you? If you are not sure about such things then a reliable psychometric test along with the proper career counseling can be really helpful for a better future.

What are Psychometric tests for?

Measuring someone’s physical traits is easy if we want to measure a person’s height, weight, heart rate we have notable parameters and tools for that. But what about the mental ability and skills? How do we assess these? Psychometric tests are built to assess such traits. Psychometric tests help in assessing one’s overall personality. Therefore it helps in building a career and a better future accordingly. The main purpose of this test is to measure the mental abilities, skills, and talents of the child through which he can opt for the desired career. There are various questions built to know more about the child, intended to pertain to various traits of a child.

The psychometric tests measures various aspects including:

  • Cognitive abilities,
  • Social skills,
  • Emotional intelligence,
  • Interests, and
  • Personality assessment.
  • Language ability
  • Critical reasoning
  • Numerical ability
  • Non-verbal and verbal reasoning

Questions included in these tests are as follow:

  • Aptitude questions,
  • Ability based questions,
  • Memory tests (to measure the ability to retain and recall the information),
  • Reasoning questions,
  • Situational tests.

These tests are standardized, being quite accurate, measures the personality traits with no biases and are highly reliable.

How are psychometric tests helpful for a school student?

A child should have knowledge about his own abilities, skills, talents and overall personality. To know more about their temperaments and to be self-aware. This knowledge helps in choosing the right pathways for him later in his life and also in dealing with the present situations and grabbing the best opportunities. Also if they possess the skills required for a particular career.

For example: To be a pilot, one must be good at maths, should have critical thinking, should be vigilant and focused, should have spatial intelligence.

How does career guidance be helpful for students?

Career counseling helps to explore a children’s personality and accordingly getting career guidance on the basis of this assessment can help in shaping his future. They provide psychometric tests and assess the child accordingly.

Psychometric tests alone cannot really help much, children at the back of their mind always have an aspiration of what he wants to become and what are his interests. These tests help in getting a clear picture of it, of their personality but sometimes they do not know the right paths to follow to reach the destination they are seeking for. So their career guidance plays it part.

Career counselors are not doctors having the best medicine for everything neither are they magicians, but they have the best possible solutions for your future worries and can help with the right pathway, along with providing all the information needed to go for a suitable career. Along with that, they help in dealing with the stress or anxiety a student faces at this age due to studies and all other pressures.

Aim2excel test is a standardized test that assesses the personality on six parameters including emotional intelligence, social intelligence, personality, motivation, interests, cognitive intelligence. This can help him further in choosing a stream, courses, and careers.

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