Want to build your career in hotel management? Here’s all you need to know

Do you think you have a smile that can charm others? Do you think you can lead and manage a team? Do you think you have a creative mind to attract others towards your idea?

Hotel management is basically the management of a hotel, lodge or a motel by a hotel manager/hotelier. He must take care of the whole operation including management of the staff, business management, services provided to the customer, sanitation of the rooms, washrooms, hygiene, kitchen, food and all other facilities and their management and regulation. He must keep a check on everything, especially guest satisfaction, sales management, financial accounting, revenues, and everything.

It requires certain skills

  • Critical thinking skills: one must come up with creative and practical ideas at hand to satisfy a customer also to present his hotel in the best possible way.
  • Social skills: whenever you enter a hotel you will the staff welcoming you with warmth and a bright smile. The manager must deal with the guests and their issues with patience and must provide the best solution.
  • Organizational skills: He must be good at multitasking, as his plate is always full of multiple tasks as managing, finance, sales, and all other tasks that have to be organized well.
  • Business skills: he must have that acumen of business how to make deals, how to be best out of the rest, and how to stay in business by attracting the customers.
  • Creative skills: he must have creative ideas to attract the guests, to think differently.

There are many more traits one must possess in order to be great at hotel management such as:

  • Cooperative,
  • explorative,
  • spontaneous,
  • motivated
  • ability to reason socially

These skills can be assessed through a psychometric test only that also gives an overall idea about the personality and also the interests and talents one possesses. And if it matches the skills required for the desired career.

What career pathway to follow to become a hotel manager?

After 10th you must select a stream that will lead you towards your desired career and the subjects you can study for a long period of time.

For hotel management, you can choose any stream Science, Commerce or Arts/Humanities. Whichever you like. As you will have to do a course in hotel management irrespective of your stream.

Here is the list of the courses you can do to become a hotel manager and their respective college.





B.Sc. in Catering Science and Hotel Management

3 years

International Institute of Hotel Management

Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahemdabad

B.Sc. in Hospitality & Hotel Administration

3 years

Punjab University


Bachelors of Arts (Hons.) in Hospitality and Tourism

3 years

Institute of Hotel Management and catering (IHMS)


B.Sc in hospitality studies and catering services

3 years

Rizvi college of hotel management


B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel administration

3 years

Institute of hotel management catering technology and applied nutrition (IHMH)


How can career counseling help students?

Career guidance for students is necessary they get clarity of their skills and interests through the tests provided to them by the career counselor and the guidance to set him in the right direction can be really for him. To know if he really possesses the managerial skills or if his interests are major in this field. What should he do after 10th what courses are suitable for him, and the emotional stress he faces throughout his journey can be addressed well by a career counselor.

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