Coping with cyber bullying

With an increase of internet based interaction, cyber bullying cases have increased. Teenagers seem to be the most affected by it and can end up taking extremely harmful decisions. There are some helpful ways to deal with a cyber bully.

  1. Do not respond: The first thing is to restrain the urge to respond. Comments on the internet can be vicious and provoking but replying back is the worst thing you can do. Instead of engaging the bully in a conversation, it’s important to shut him out and not give him an opportunity to respond.
  2. Save the evidence: Always remember to either take a screenshot or bookmark the nasty comments or post. It’s natural to be angry or distressed when you are a victim of cyberbullying. Keeping a record of the disturbing comments will help in reporting the bully to authorities.
  3. Report and Block: Every social media platform has the option to report abusive content and block the user. In the advent of cyber bullying, always report the person to the service provider and block the user.
  4. Talk it out: Whenever you feel like you are being bullied, talk to someone you trust. Talking to a parent or an adult sibling will help take the appropriate steps. Sometimes, teens tend to take rude or abusive comments personally, but talking to an adult can make you see the correct path.

In cases where the situation is extreme or you feel like your safety is compromised, you should get the law enforcement involved. Incidents of cyberbullying can be reported to cyber crime units. Make sure you have an adult helping you out with the process.

The most important thing to remember is that happy and well adjusted individuals never bully others. Bullies are usually insecure people trying to vent out on others. Anything a bully says is irrelevant and should be discredited.

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