Parents Workshop at Ireo

AIM2EXCEL had the opportunity of conducting a workshop with the competent staff of Ireo – a Real Estate developer in Gurgaon.

Corporate offices often hold workshops for their staff.

So what’s new about that?

Well, this was a gathering of parents, not corporate employees, who were inquisitive about effective parenting and inculcating the best-suited skills in their children. The focus of the workshop was to provide maximum clarity and confidence about the future direction of children. An array of activities like role plays to understand a parent-child relationship, picture making for self awareness and analysing photos for social cues among others were used to
help parents understand the needs of a child in today’s fast-paced life.

We are proud to have helped parents realise the importance of social and emotional competence in the 21st century. In the times of Artificial Intelligence and increasing mechanization of industry,
social knowledge and interpersonal skills have become mandatory skills of survival.

What parents had to say about the AIM2EXCEL workshop.

A Response of ‘Success’

“The workshop was very interesting and I think I’ll better understand my son’s actions now!”

“Very interesting & innovative as mostly basic day-to-day issues covered which occur between parents and children.”

“This workshop is very good and helpful for me to handle my child from other angles. I will surely recommend it to my friends”

“It is very good workshop to make out children’s future.”

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