Meet Our Mentors

Naina Jain

Naina Jain, young and enthusiastic Psychologist, has served as Assistant Professor of Psychology in the University of Delhi and is involved in activities like teaching, research, training, counselling and consultancy. She was actively involved as Mentor for University Students and believes in eclectic approach to Counselling. She is empathetic and has positive regard for clients and actively helps students with patience.

Mansi Gupta

Mansi Gupta, a dedicated and compassionate professional who specialises in the field of counselling. She has completed her masters in psychology with a diploma in guidance and counselling from NCERT and has worked in Kendriya Vidyalaya. Her priority is to provide accurate action plan and guidance to the students struggling with career issues and other related concerns. She actively deals with issues of stress management and time management, key aspects of a student’s life that are important for success.

Pooja Srivastava Dewan

Pooja Srivastava Dewan ,a passionate Child Developmentalist has done PhD in Child Development from the University of Delhi. She has worked as an Assistant Professor at Amity University for about 3 years, teaching subjects like lifespan development, child psychology & sociology to postgraduate & M. Phil students. She actively writes blogs and does live chats on topics like Attachment, Parenting, Child Ecology, Maternal Well Being and others. Pooja is also on the panel of experts for ‘Hello English’ kids app.

Pooja Verma

Pooja Verma, a certified counselling psychologist has been working with children for past 8 years. She has done MPhil from Jawahar Lal Nehru University with specialisation in autism. Her research on topics like depression and anxiety has been published in journals and books. Apart from research she has worked with hospitals and taught psychology in universities and schools. Her interests are to develop new pedagogical techniques for effective learning, helping children with psychological issues, parental counselling and career counselling.

Jaishree Joshi


Jaishree has done B.A Honours, M.A and M.Phil in History along with Bachelor of Education. She has been an educator for 30 years and has been instrumental in establishing four premier schools in Delhi NCR. Along with being a Principal, she has also conducted teacher workshops for CBSE on Classroom Management, Value Education and Life Skills.

Madhu Agarwal

Advisor,Michigan State University

Madhu Aggarwal is a seasoned academic professional with 25+ years of education experience. She has done her PhD in marketing from Michigan State University. She specializes in Marketing Strategy, International Business, Market Research and Consumer Behavior. She volunteers as a college counsellor, helping children in their college application process.

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