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Intscale (AIM2EXCEL) endeavors to create a personalized development plan focusing on the specific needs, goals and interests of a child by conducting psychometric tests and combining the results with the an expert counselor’s opinion. While Intscale (AIM2EXCEL) aims to provide the best plan for each student, if the user face any losses, Intscale shall not be responsible for it.

All results produced by Intscale (AIM2EXCEL) are based on the information provided and answers given by the user. Thereafter, any outcome of the assessment is not the responsibility of Intscale (AIM2EXCEL).

Intscale (AIM2EXCEL) holds the highest confidence in the counsellors, their skills and their commitment to providing a successful future for each individual. However, Intscale shall not be responsible for any action of the counsellor beyond the scope of their engagement with us.

Intscale (AIM2EXCEL) strives to create a development plan which suits each individual perfectly. However, while using the plan, the child, parent, guardian or any other individuals related to the child are advised to exercise discretion and consider all other factors as may be necessary. The development plan should be considered as a bonafide guidance only and should not be the solitary basis of any decision.

Intscale (AIM2EXCEL) shall not be liable for any effect of the use of the information i.e. but not limited to, remarks, test results or conclusions etc, contained in such information, content or report and results of the assessment. Intscale (AIM2EXCEL) is not responsible for any damage or loss caused, directly or indirectly, by the use of the information provided by Intscale (AIM2EXCEL).

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