How Career Counseling helps you to build a better future

We are often stuck with these sets of questions- ‘I don’t know what to do with my life’ ‘I am not sure which course to chose’ ‘I have no idea how to achieve my career goals’. A career counselor helps you to uncover these questions and find a route to a better career ladder, satisfaction, and stability. Career guidance and counseling lead to self-awareness about changing trends, introspection in comparison to a theoretical framework, promoting clarity among students and deepening their understanding of various career prospects.

It helps them to understand themselves and the work trends in order to make a wise decision in choosing a suitable career and education. Career counseling is the new beginning to gain exposure and growth as a profession.

List of questions that may be helpful for narrowing one’s focus when considering a career:

  • What qualifications I have- degree/diploma/professional coursework?
  • What options are you considering?
  • How do you typically go about making decisions?
  • What other factors are important to you as you are making this career decision?
  • Short-term and long-term plans?

Importance of Career Counseling

  • Determine the potential
  • Self-enhancement
  • Creating room to explore and discover various career opportunities/ ideal courses
  • Clear career roadmap
  • Exploring the world of work and workplace
  • Informed choice
  • Aids in improving the overall performance of an individual
  • Career selection and growth
  • Understanding the job market

Today, individuals feel the pressure not only to perform well academically but to maintain a work-life balance, extracurricular activities, internships and schedules in the hope to find a career path that will lead to a successful and happy future. In a career counseling session, the counselor helps an individual to explore their key strengths and weaknesses, area of interest, set of skills they possess and personality type to determine possible career options. They help individuals to deal with their everyday issues, stressful decision making and career discovery, job shadowing and major prospects. Career guidance counselors also recommend possible courses, internships, and volunteer opportunities in order to redefine and refine their career goals.

Career Counseling for students

  • Personal revelations
  1. a wide-ranging personal inventory for self-exploration
  2. habits and skills
  3. self-reflection
  • Identifying themes
  1. Striking trends in your personality
  2. Interest inventory
  • A complete picture
  1. Matching your interests and skills to a line of work
  2. Searching for the right opportunity
  3. Daily lifestyle (work environment, peers, colleagues)

It generally helps individuals to make the right choices in terms of their career path, career development, career change, and growth to maximize success and fulfillment. Career counseling provides you with the necessary tools to understand your passion, interest areas, dynamics of personality, aptitude through various psychometric tests and assessments to make you understand you’re ‘true-calling’.

Career guidance counselors help students to choose the right aim at Aim2Excel by assisting with the process of achieving their goals and to be the best version of their professional self. At Aim2Excel, individuals undergo several counseling sessions to form a bigger picture of their future prospects and in shaping their successful and happy career.

How psychometric tests and assessments are helpful in shaping your Child’s future

Do you have a clear picture of your future in your head? Or is it still a little blurry? Do you think you know each and every aspect of your personality, or what is the right pathway for you? If you are not sure about such things then a reliable psychometric test along with the proper career counseling can be really helpful for a better future.

What are Psychometric tests for?

Measuring someone’s physical traits is easy if we want to measure a person’s height, weight, heart rate we have notable parameters and tools for that. But what about the mental ability and skills? How do we assess these? Psychometric tests are built to assess such traits. Psychometric tests help in assessing one’s overall personality. Therefore it helps in building a career and a better future accordingly. The main purpose of this test is to measure the mental abilities, skills, and talents of the child through which he can opt for the desired career. There are various questions built to know more about the child, intended to pertain to various traits of a child.

The psychometric tests measures various aspects including:

  • Cognitive abilities,
  • Social skills,
  • Emotional intelligence,
  • Interests, and
  • Personality assessment.
  • Language ability
  • Critical reasoning
  • Numerical ability
  • Non-verbal and verbal reasoning

Questions included in these tests are as follow:

  • Aptitude questions,
  • Ability based questions,
  • Memory tests (to measure the ability to retain and recall the information),
  • Reasoning questions,
  • Situational tests.

These tests are standardized, being quite accurate, measures the personality traits with no biases and are highly reliable.

How are psychometric tests helpful for a school student?

A child should have knowledge about his own abilities, skills, talents and overall personality. To know more about their temperaments and to be self-aware. This knowledge helps in choosing the right pathways for him later in his life and also in dealing with the present situations and grabbing the best opportunities. Also if they possess the skills required for a particular career.

For example: To be a pilot, one must be good at maths, should have critical thinking, should be vigilant and focused, should have spatial intelligence.

How does career guidance be helpful for students?

Career counseling helps to explore a children’s personality and accordingly getting career guidance on the basis of this assessment can help in shaping his future. They provide psychometric tests and assess the child accordingly.

Psychometric tests alone cannot really help much, children at the back of their mind always have an aspiration of what he wants to become and what are his interests. These tests help in getting a clear picture of it, of their personality but sometimes they do not know the right paths to follow to reach the destination they are seeking for. So their career guidance plays it part.

Career counselors are not doctors having the best medicine for everything neither are they magicians, but they have the best possible solutions for your future worries and can help with the right pathway, along with providing all the information needed to go for a suitable career. Along with that, they help in dealing with the stress or anxiety a student faces at this age due to studies and all other pressures.

Aim2excel test is a standardized test that assesses the personality on six parameters including emotional intelligence, social intelligence, personality, motivation, interests, cognitive intelligence. This can help him further in choosing a stream, courses, and careers.

Want to build your career in hotel management? Here’s all you need to know

Do you think you have a smile that can charm others? Do you think you can lead and manage a team? Do you think you have a creative mind to attract others towards your idea?

Hotel management is basically the management of a hotel, lodge or a motel by a hotel manager/hotelier. He must take care of the whole operation including management of the staff, business management, services provided to the customer, sanitation of the rooms, washrooms, hygiene, kitchen, food and all other facilities and their management and regulation. He must keep a check on everything, especially guest satisfaction, sales management, financial accounting, revenues, and everything.

It requires certain skills

  • Critical thinking skills: one must come up with creative and practical ideas at hand to satisfy a customer also to present his hotel in the best possible way.
  • Social skills: whenever you enter a hotel you will the staff welcoming you with warmth and a bright smile. The manager must deal with the guests and their issues with patience and must provide the best solution.
  • Organizational skills: He must be good at multitasking, as his plate is always full of multiple tasks as managing, finance, sales, and all other tasks that have to be organized well.
  • Business skills: he must have that acumen of business how to make deals, how to be best out of the rest, and how to stay in business by attracting the customers.
  • Creative skills: he must have creative ideas to attract the guests, to think differently.

There are many more traits one must possess in order to be great at hotel management such as:

  • Cooperative,
  • explorative,
  • spontaneous,
  • motivated
  • ability to reason socially

These skills can be assessed through a psychometric test only that also gives an overall idea about the personality and also the interests and talents one possesses. And if it matches the skills required for the desired career.

What career pathway to follow to become a hotel manager?

After 10th you must select a stream that will lead you towards your desired career and the subjects you can study for a long period of time.

For hotel management, you can choose any stream Science, Commerce or Arts/Humanities. Whichever you like. As you will have to do a course in hotel management irrespective of your stream.

Here is the list of the courses you can do to become a hotel manager and their respective college.





B.Sc. in Catering Science and Hotel Management

3 years

International Institute of Hotel Management

Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahemdabad

B.Sc. in Hospitality & Hotel Administration

3 years

Punjab University


Bachelors of Arts (Hons.) in Hospitality and Tourism

3 years

Institute of Hotel Management and catering (IHMS)


B.Sc in hospitality studies and catering services

3 years

Rizvi college of hotel management


B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel administration

3 years

Institute of hotel management catering technology and applied nutrition (IHMH)


How can career counseling help students?

Career guidance for students is necessary they get clarity of their skills and interests through the tests provided to them by the career counselor and the guidance to set him in the right direction can be really for him. To know if he really possesses the managerial skills or if his interests are major in this field. What should he do after 10th what courses are suitable for him, and the emotional stress he faces throughout his journey can be addressed well by a career counselor.

Find out which Avenger you are?

Avengers Endgame a thrilling conclusion and loss of friends, family and honour make it deeply emotional. We encountered some of the most remarkable fight scenes of our favourite characters. Captain America finally lifting Thor’s hammer and smashing Thanos, Iron Man wearing the Gauntlet and defeating Thanos, Natasha and Clint fighting each other and fight concluded with Nat sacrificing herself to retrieve the soul stone. We will no longer see our beloved Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans portraying the characters of Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America. Sad, but true! Iron Man’s witty remarks, Cap’s encouraging speeches, watching MCU movies will be a different experience altogether.

 However, many MCU movies are under production and new Marvel superheroes and villains will be introduced to us. We all are looking forward to it.

Captain America

Valiant Steve Rogers never ceases to amaze me. He is strong, fearless, benevolent and a true friend. A doer, who is always ready to face his enemies no matter how difficult the situation is. A helper who is always ready to help, be it Tony or Bucky he was always there for them, even though Bucky tried to kill him Steve always tried to save him.

Iron Man

Genius Tony Stark has surprised us in many ways. He always upgrades his suit with awesome and super cool powers. His witty remarks always steal the show. An equally loved character portrayed by an equally loved actor. Tony is a creator and thinker. He always creates something new, something powerful which is generally unique and dynamic.


Mighty Thor the demigod of Valhalla, Son of Odin and God of thunder. Thor is not only strong but also is brave and emotional. We have often watched him crying and getting emotional. Gallant Thor is a doer and persuader. He led the Asgardian army to many victories and often won the battle single-handedly. He loves to fight which shows he is a true warrior.


Man with a plan.Dr. Strange’s strategic skills is phenomenal which we witnessed in Endgame..Dr.Strange is a doer and persuader. He defeated Dormammu with a brilliant plan and also his world-class plan led to the Avenger’s victory against dreadful Thanos.

Black Widow

Natasha showed us that she is powerful, intelligent and sometimes deadly. Nat showed us that she is a persuader, helper and doer. She was an exceptional Russian Spy who has mastered different martial arts. She is highly skilled when it comes to weapon handling. In Endgame we saw her as a persuader and helper. She persuaded everyone to keep looking for a way to defeat Thanos and bring everyone back to life who were vanished by Thanos. She sacrificed herself to retrieve the Soul stone and saved Clint’s life.

Captain Marvel

The strongest Avenger! Carol is strong brave confident and powerful. She is a doer, helper and persuader. Captain Marvel loves to train and fight she likes challenges. She is a kind woman who travelled to different planets to help them. A neck and neck competition was witnessed between Thanos and Captain Marvel, in the climax of Endgame, even though Thanos had the Gauntlet on.

Want to know if you are a helper, doer, persuader, organizer, creator or thinker?

Take Aim2Excel’s Interest Profile Test!/register