The AIM2EXCEL approach

Know yourself better

Evaluate your child through world’s most comprehensive psychometric test & identify their passion on the basis of Strengths, Interest & Personality.

Increasing focus & attention span

1-1 counseling session to resolve distraction, indiscipline & disruptive behavior to increase focus & attention span.

Achieve Academic Excellence

Expert mentoring on study skills and time management with special emphasis on resolving exam anxiety issues for a better academic performance.


FeaturesDemo test
₹ Free
₹ 3,500/-
₹ 7,500/-
Psychometic test1-Dimensional
( social awareness only)
23- Dimensional23- Dimensional
38 page self awareness report
Profile overview
learning styles & study habits
In depth analysis on 23-Dimensions
Actionable developmental techniques
Expert Counseling & Mentoring (Select any one)*1 report explanation session*3 face to face sessions
Study skills and time management*optional
Resolution of Exam anxiety*optional
Hand holding on issues of distractions*optional
Increase the motivation level of students*optional
Personalized roadmap for passion
Information on classes, coaching, awards, scholarships
Suggested Profile building activities for study abroad programs
Identification of learning styles and strategies
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“Such sessions are needed to help the children move in the right direction. Counselors helped in identifying and dealing with the psychological reasons for drop in academic performance. It was a revelation for me that Aryan wants to be an astronaut. I was happy to know that he aims for a high goal. “

– Sangeeta Bhalla,
Mother of Aryan Bhalla, 6th class,
Scottish High International School, Gurgaon


Is my child eligible to participate in the assessment?
The assessment is currently available only for children from class 6 to class 12 & college students. If your child is in these classes, they are eligible.

How should my child prepare for the assessment?
Your child just needs to be well rested and willing to appear for the assessment. The assessment is not designed to test their academic abilities, so no prior preparation is needed. The only prerequisites are concentration and willingness.

What will the assessment tell me?
The assessment will help your child take a closer look into their innate talents and traits, strengths, weaknesses and interests. Based on the information provided, we will also help them understand certain professional, academic and extra curricular areas that might be suitable. Our assessment will also highlight their learning preferences and equip them with knowledge about strategies which can help them learn best.

I have a question about my report, who can help me with it?
Our in-house counsellors will be happy to answer any question that you might have. They will also assist you in understanding the development plan and will discuss the progress throughout. You can reach out to them by writing at

Would my child need to take the assessment more than once?
Generally in a lifetime a child can take assessment three times i.e, 6-8th, 9-10th and 11-12th, However your child can retake the assessment after 6-12 months if they wish to assess their progress.

Are parents also involved in the counselling process?
We believe that parents play an important part in the careers and streams related decisions, especially in the young age. They are also responsible for creating the nurturing ecosystem for the child at home, hence their involvement is necessary.