Faisal Success Story


How Faisal was empowered to gain clarity about which stream he should choose after
Class 10.


Faisal was good in his studies but was unsure of what stream to select in Class 11 so that he plans his future better.


The AIM2EXCEL program helped him find his hidden capabilities and work towards areas where he is good at.


Faisal became confident and clear about his career choices and took up internships to gain new experiences that would benefit him in the future.


Faisal was a 15-year-old studying in Class 10. He was reasonably good in academics and was confused between science, commerce and humanities as a stream in Class 11.

In his free time, he preferred to watch sports, read books and edit videos. In general, he avoided situations and activities where the outcome was uncertain. He had a good circle of friends and enjoyed their company. Faisal and his mother both wanted to gain more clarity over his future academic choices.

Action Plan

After the AIM assessment, Faisal’s report validated most of his behavioural characteristics and assisted him and his mother in understanding the underlying patterns.

His excellent verbal aptitude explained why he performed well in Social Sciences and Language. His preference for structure and routine was reflected in his low score on the personality dimension of Openness to Experience. This was further supplemented by his preference against abstract activities.

A significant reason for his confusion regarding career choice came from his disbelief that his working hard on his strengths will lead to significant rewards. While this became evident after discussion with his mother, it was a hidden limitation that Faisal overlooked. The report discussion led Faisal and his mother to gain the much needed clarity about his day-to-day behaviour.

Road to Development

According to the report, Faisal would do well in careers which capitalize on his excellent verbal skills, especially in fields which require him working in a team for defined set of goals and set timelines. Recommended streams which Faisal found relevant were Commerce with Mathematics and Commerce without Mathematics.

The AIM mentors advised him to explore careers in Economics & Business Administration. For Faisal to gain further clarity, AIM mentors asked him to visualize where he saw himself after 10 years. To do this, Faisal was asked to focus on activities he enjoyed doing. The mentors advised his mother to support him in completion of the activities as he may find it challenging to complete them on his own.

The Results

Faisal zeroed on Actuarial Science as a career and Commerce with Mathematics as the stream. The development plan focused on him trying out his preferred career choice in detail, specifically job shadowing an Actuary or doing an internship in an Insurance firm. His father got him an internship in his own firm. The internship exposed to working environment in such organizations. He liked the fixed hours and how easy it was to maintain work-life balance. He became confident about Commerce with Mathematics and decided to go with this stream in 10+2.


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